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blaupunkt mp 58 manual

For further details, is switched off after an adjustable time.If the volume To increase the volume, was higher before switch-off, the value turn the volume control 7 clockwise. Many of the receivable FM stations (radio, CD, CD changer, USB or AUX).You can automatically store the six stations The radio scans the next receivable station.First, switch Besides transmitting the station name, to radio mode using the SRC button some FM stations also provide informa- 2 or BND button Your device is equipped with an RDS EON button 4 repeatedly Press the receiving unit.C Announcements Besides being able to play audio CDs on this press the ESCAPE button;. Playback is continued. Note: You can set the scan time. For further Displaying the time information, please read the section To show or hide the time,. Artist and album name are a compo- Connect the USB data carrier with the nent of the MP3 ID3 tag of version 1. You The selected X-Bass setting is effective for can select whether the increase should af- all audio sources (radio, CD, CD changer, fect the entire X-BASS frequency range USB or AUX). The simultaneous playback terface. Hence, you can control the most must be activated in the menu. Ask your question here. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the issue and your question. The more detail you provide for your issue and question, the easier it will be for other Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 owners to properly answer your question. Ask a question About the Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 This manual comes under the category Car Radios and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 9.5. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Do you have a question about the Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 or do you need help. Ask your question here Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 specifications Brand The biggest difference between FM radio stations compared to AM radio stations is the sound quality.When the volume exceeds 120 decibels, direct damage can even occur.

The chance of hearing damage depends on the listening frequency and duration.Check that the red wire is connected to the contact power supply and the yellow wire to the constant power supply. Dust in hard-to-reach places is best removed with compressed air. ensures that you will find the manual you are looking for in no time. Our database contains more than 1 million PDF manuals from more than 10,000 brands. Every day we add the latest manuals so that you will always find the product you are looking for. It's very simple: just type the brand name and the type of product in the search bar and you can instantly view the manual of your choice online for free. ManualSearcher. com If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Read more Ok. Post your question here in this forum. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. Please mention this; Therefore, avoid filling in personal details. Please enter your email address. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. Please mention this; Therefore, avoid filling in personal details. The manual is 2,32 mb in size. If you have not received an email, then probably have entered the wrong email address or your mailbox is too full. In addition, it may be that your ISP may have a maximum size for emails to receive. Check your email Please enter your email address. Its lack of iPod compatibility lets it down though.

In contrast with the Brisbane SD48 that we reviewed recently, the New Orleans MP58is a stylish head unit with a well-thought-out interface for letting drivers search their MP3 files with ease. It may not have the standard SD card slot of the disc-less Brisbane, but the New Orleans has an altogether more modern, ergonomic character, from the materials used for the bezel to the backlit buttons and the three-line display. The stereo features a three-line display, which can be customized to one of 4,096 colors using Blaupunkt's Variocolor feature: drivers choose a color either by selecting it from a scrolling palate or by programming their own levels of red, green, and blue. As we have found on previous Blaupunkt stereos, despite the impressive range of colors, many of them appear washed out in daylight, making it more difficult to see information on the display than with the standard blue backlighting. Nevertheless, the display itself maximizes the limited faceplate real estate with decent resolution text and dynamic graphics, which give it some added visual appeal. The switchgear on the New Orleans MP58 is of a far higher quality than that on the Brisbane SD48: the one-piece four-way keypad to the left of the rotary dial has a solid feel, as do the dedicated function buttons for audio, source, and menu control. We also like the red backlighting for the various hard buttons, which make them easier to see at a glance. Our one gripe with the faceplate controls is the feel of the rotary volume knob, which, because of its small size and flimsy seating can be difficult to use on the fly.Using a loose variation of the controls on an Apple iPod, the system requires users to browse categories with the left and right keypad arrows, and items within those categories using the up and down arrows. The system is a bit fiddly and can take some time to get used to, but it does provide a logical means of navigating large folders.

Dedicated Repeat and Mix buttons provide a useful way of shuffling or repeating songs either on a specific directory on the entire disc. In search mode, the system's three-line display shows three list items at a time, and while it can take a while to get to the bottom of a list of dozens of tracks, the stereo does feature one-touch scrolling, which makes life easier. Another positive feature of the search functionality is that it lets drivers browse for songs without interrupting the currently playing track. By pressing the Display button, drivers can switch to two alternate views while playing MP3 discs, both of which show the file (track) name in larger letters with the folder (album) name in smaller letters beneath. With regular CDs playing, the New Orleans MP58 can also display CD text. Similar to disc-based tracks, the files from a USB device can be browsed on the multiline display using the four-way keypad. While thumbdrives play without any trouble, the situation is different for iPods that are connected via their proprietary USB cable. During our testing, with an iPod connected and USB selected as the source, tracks from the iPod did begin to play, but instead of showing the track name, the stereo's display showed a bizarre four-letter word phrase for each track and rather than reading the iPod's album information, the stereo listed albums as number folders. Somewhat disappointingly, the New Orleans MP58 does not feature a front-mounted auxiliary input jack, so those who want to play music from an iPod via the stereo will have to invest in Blaupunkt's add-on iPod control module. Let's round them up. Here are some of the best. Let's round them up. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Giv en klar og omfattende beskrivelse af problemet og dit sporgsmal.

Jo flere oplysninger du giver om dit problem og dit sporgsmal, jo lettere er det for andre Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 ejere at svare korrekt pa dit sporgsmal. Stil et sporgsmal Om Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 Denne vejledning horer under kategorien Bilradioer og er blevet bedomt af 1 personer med et gennemsnit pa en 9.5. Denne manual er tilg?ngelig pa folgende sprog: Engelsk. Har du et sporgsmal om Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 eller har du brug for hj?lp? Stil dit sporgsmal her Blaupunkt New Orleans MP58 specifikationer M?rke Den storste forskel mellem FM-radiostationer sammenlignet med AM-radiostationer er lydkvaliteten.Hvis stojniveauet er over 120 decibel, kan der endda opsta direkte skader. Risikoen for horeskader afh?nger af lyttefrekvensen og varigheden.Kontroller, at den rode ledning er forbundet til kontaktstromforsyningen og den gule ledning til den konstante stromforsyning. Stov pa vanskeligt tilg?ngelige steder fjernes bedst med trykluft. sikrer, at du hurtigt kan finde den manual, du leder efter. Vores database indeholder mere end 1 million PDF-manualer fra mere end 10.000 m?rker. Hver dag tilfojer vi de nyeste manualer, sa du altid kan finde det produkt, du leder efter. Det er meget simpelt: du skal bare indtaste m?rke og produkttype i sogefeltet og du kan straks se den manual du onsker, online og gratis. PDFmanualer. dk Hvis du forts?tter med at bruge dette site vil vi antage at du er indforstaet med det. L?s mere Ok. Lesen Sie dazu den Abschnitt stellbaren Zeit ausgeschaltet.Taste 3 Die Wiedergabe wird fortgesetzt. Hinweis: Die Anspielzeit ist einstellbar. Lesen Uhrzeit anzeigen Sie zur Einstellung der Anspielzeit den Um die Uhrzeit ein- bzw. Im Display erlischt das MIX-Symbol. This material may be reproduced, copied or distributed for personal use only. This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft.

Use or distribution of such technology outside of this product is prohibited without a license from Microsoft. Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio, debitamente riempito, in un posto sicuro. Bewaar de ingevulde apparaatpas op een veilige plaats.Registrieren Sie sich jetzt. It may have been moved, or removed altogether. Perhaps you can return back to the site’s homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Do not insert any mini CDs (8 cm diamet er) and shape CDs since they destr oy the drive. Theft protection Carr y the control panel with y ou in the supplied case whenever you leav e the vehicle. T o detach the control panel: Press the button 1. If a CD is in the drive, it is eject ed. The currently pla ying audio source is mut ed. During the t elephone call, you change the v olume of the t ele- phone call by means of the v ol- ume control 5.All ti- tles are pla yed in the or der in which the y are f ound on the data carrier.If a menu consists of sever - al pages, you can consecutive- ly scroll them using t he NEXT button 6. For this purpose, the station must be broadcasting the corre- sponding PT Y identi. Press the softke y for appro x. two seconds t o which you want t o assign the station. Y ou can do the follo wing at any time: stor e the currently scanned station (see page 87), cancel the scan by brie.EQ 1 2000Hz -8dB Q 1 High 4 Select the centre fr equency t o be changed by pr essing on or on the roc ker switc h 3.Adjust the desired v olume us- ing the volume contr ol 5 or the roc ker switc h 3 (incre- ments 1 to 50). On the roc ker switc h 3, repeat edly press or to decrease the scan time.Subject to changes! Sous reserve de modi.Please keep the ? lled-in radio pass in a safe place. Priere de conserver soigneusement la carte d’autoradio r emplie. Car Radio CD MP3 WMA. Hamburg MP68Mode d’emploi et de montage. Instrucciones de manejo e instalacion. Instrucoes de servico e de montagemTuner mode. 19. Optional equipment. 8.

Steering wheel remote control.8. Ampli?er.9. CD changers.9. Set the device to the region Europe. USA or Thailand. 19. What can the device do?. 10. Controls. 10Tuning into a station. 20. Station seek tuning. 20. Tuning into stations manually. 20. Selecting stored stations. 21. Storing stations. 21. Storing stations manually. 21. Searching and storing stationsStartup. 13. Changing the seek tuningTheft protection. 12. Device card. 12. Adjusting the volume. 13. Scanning all receivable stationsCD mode (audio). 23. Overview of the menu operation. 14. Starting the audio CD mode. 23. Changing the switch-off timeResetting the device (NORMSET). 15. USB port. 16. Connecting the USB cable. 16. Connecting the USB medium. 16. What characteristics do USBSelecting the USB as audio source. 17Starting tuner mode. 19Handling CDs. 17. What features do MP3 or WMA. CDs have to have?. 17. Inserting and removing a CD. 18. Selecting the CD as audio source. 18The CD menu. 23. Functions in the CD mode (audio). 24The MP3 display.25. The MP3 menu. 27. The Browse mode. 27. The browse display. 27. Selecting tracks in Browse mode. 27. The Playlist mode. 28. The Playlist display. 28. Selecting tracks in Playlist mode. 28. Switching the external audio. Naming external audio sourcesBluetooth preparation. 40. How is a Bluetooth connectionOpening the Bluetooth menu. 40. Registering the cell phone. 41. Determining the master telephone. 41. Switching to CD changer mode. 32. Managing registered BluetoothUnregister all registered. Bluetooth devices. 42. Managing registered BluetoothSelecting a CD. 32. The CD changer display.32. Making a phone call (DIAL NEW). 43. CD-changer mode. 32. Functions in the CD changer mode. 33. Ending a call. 44. The CD changer menu. 33. Redirecting an ongoing phoneBluetooth streaming mode. 34. Registering Bluetooth players. 34. Starting the BluetoothThe Bluetooth streaming display. 35. Functions in the BluetoothAUX mode. 36.

Storing and calling a phone numberStoring phone numbers. 44. Calling a phone number. 45. Editing an entry. 45. Deleting entries. 46. The phone book of the cell phone. 46. Downloading a phone book. 46. Calling an entry in the phone book.47. Adjusting the rear AUX input mode. 36. Connecting other external audioAdjusting bass, treble and volumeSelecting a sound presettingWhich equalizer setting is theChanging equalizer settingsOpening the System menu. 53. Changing the welcome textChanging volume presettings. 54. Adjusting power-on volume. Changing volume presettingsSetting the speed-dependentChanging the scan timeCon?guring the preampli?er outputDisplaying version numbers. 59Changing display settings. 56. Adjusting the display viewingMixing the color for the displaySelecting the colour of theSwitching the continuousUpdating the device software. 60. Technical data. 61. Service. 62. Warranty. 62Glossary. 63. Index. 64. Factory settings. 67. Installation instructions. ???About these instructions. These instructions contain important information to easily and safely install and operate the device.In addition, observe the instructions of theSymbols used. These instructions employ the followingThe CE mark con?rms the compliance with EU directives.Use as directed. This device is intended for installation andDeclaration of conformity. The Blaupunkt GmbH declares that the. Hamburg MP68 device complies with theSolvents, cleaning and scouring agents asIn operation. Stop at a suitable location to perform extensive settings.For this purpose, observe the installation instructionsCleaning notesDuring mute phases (e.g. when changing Travelstore, CD changer), changingDisposal note. Do not dispose of your old unit inUse the return and collection systems available to dispose of the oldDo not discard the depleted batteryScope of delivery. The scope of delivery includes:Optional equipmentUse only accessories approved by Blaupunkt. Note.

Please note that the current software ofInformation about the availability of this software and the download can be foundSteering wheel remote control. A steering wheel remote control allows forYou can ?nd out from your Blaupunkt dealer or on the Internet at www.blaupunkt.comFor Bluetooth applications, such as wirelessUSB interface provides an additional USBAmpli?er. You can use all Blaupunkt and Velocity ampli?ers. CD changers. You can connect the following Blaupunkt CDCDC A 03, CDC A 08 and IDC A 09.Device description. What can the device do? In addition to the tuner, the device featuresIn addition, theMP3 or WMA ?les. For further details, please read the installation instructions. ControlsIn menus and in radio mode: Selecting. In other operating modes (e.g. CD or. MP3 mode): Selecting track, CD andExiting the menu and changing to theEjecting CD from CD drive. CD driveOK button. In menus: Calling up menu items andSwitch-on, muting sound (press short). Switch-off (press for longer thanVolume control. Display. MENU button. Calling up a menu. AUDIO button. Calling up the audio menu for soundSRC button. Selecting an audio source. Alphanumeric keys. Radio mode (0 - 9): Selecting storedIn menus: Entering, for example, PINTheft protectionDevice card. You can detach the control panel to protectIn case of a theft, the device card on thePlease enter the serial number of the deviceImpacts and dirt can damage the controlTo detach the control panel,The control panel opens to the front.To re-attach the control panel,Note. The device is worthless to a thief without the control panel. Always take theTo protect the vehicle battery if the ignition is switched off, the device automatically switches off after one hour. Adjusting the volumeNote. The volume can also be changed duringThe introductory animation startsTo manually switch on the device.

To switch off the device,The current volume is shown on the displayIt also provides information about connecting a USB medium and correctly inserting a. CD in the device.Do not increase the volume duringMuting the deviceTo cancel the mute function,Excessive volume can damage your hearing and you may fail to hear acoustic warning signals!Overview of the menu operation. The different basic settings of the deviceAUX mode).To open a menu,By default, the menu of the current operating mode is opened, e.g. the tuner menu, ifNote. You cannot call up the menu if the device. Option of the selected menu item. Selected menu item. Menu items of the selected menu. Arrows indicate in which direction youE Menu selection. To select a different menu,It switches from the menu of the current operating mode to the System or Audio menu. The Tuner menu is also available in all theTo select and call up a menu item in the current menu,OK button 2, you return to the higherlevel menu. If no selection or setting is performed in aChanging the switch-off timeThis switch-off time can be changed:You can reset the device to the factoryYour personal settings. e.g. your welcome text, will beThe factory settings are restored. The radio brie?y switches off and automatically onText inputs are not automatically saved.Text input (e.g. your personal welcome text) should always be con?rmedNote:USB port. You can connect the following USB mediaThe device can play MP3 or WMA formatsNote. Blaupunkt cannot guarantee the properConnecting the USB cable. To connect a USB medium, the supplied. USB cable must be connected to the rear ofThe USB cable can then be routed, for example, to the glove compartment or a suitableConnecting the USB medium. Always switch off the device before connecting or disconnecting your USB medium.What characteristics do USB media haveThe device recognises the USB mediumFile system. FAT16 or FAT32,ID3 tags. Version 1 or 2. Format. Only MP3 or WMA ?les,Number. Max. 1,500 ?

les (foldersNaming ofMax. 24 characters (moreNo special characters orBit rate. MP3: 32 to 320 kbps. WMA: 32 to 192 kbpsIf a large number of ?les is stored on your. USB medium, the speed of the ?le searchFormat. Only MP3 or WMA ?les,Handling CDs. Number. The device can play the following CD formats:Max. 999 tracksNaming ofMax. 16 characters (moreNote. Blaupunkt cannot guarantee the properNo special characters orBit rate. WMA: 32 to 192 kbpsThe device can only play and display MP3 or. WMA CDs with the following features:If USB is selected as audio source, the MP3Note. The quality of self-burnt CDs ?uctuatesFor this reason,Inserting and removing a CDThe CD starts playing.Labelled or shaped CDs can damage the CDNote. Label CDs only by using a marker sincePermanent markers can damage CDs.The control panel opens.The CD is ejected.If you do not remove the CD, it is automatically pulled in again after a few seconds.The CD is automatically drawn in.Selecting the CD as audio source. You can select an inserted CD as audioMP3 CD) appears on the display. The CD mode can be selected only if aTo operate the audio CD display, please read. To operate the MP3 display, please read theThe tuner functions described in theseYou can adjustUnited States or Thailand. To do so, the device must be switched off:USA and THAILAND.Europe, USA or Thailand. Bluetooth status. Display area for frequency and time. Menu selection. Options of the current menuFM and AM frequency ranges. Starting tuner modeThe playback starts immediately with theIn the tuner display, 3 menus are available inTuner mode. The List menu displays theIn addition, the frequencies stored the stationYou can switch between the menus withYou can adjust and set radio stations of the. FM and AM wavebands. The FM and AM wavebands each feature 2The desired waveband or memory bank isYou can now perform the following actions. Tuning into a station.

There are 3 ways of tuning into a station:Station seek tuningIf you press and hold the rocker switchNote. OK button 2. The tuner searches for the next receivableThe adjusted sensitivity of the station seek tuning. Tuning into stations manuallyThere are 2 ways of storing a station. Searching and storing stationsYou can automatically search for and storeThe tuner starts with the automatic seekThe stored station is called up, providedThe frequency of the station appears on theOK button 2. Storing stations manually. After tuning into a station, it can be storedOr in the List menu:The list displays the frequency at the selected memory location. The station wasChanging the seek tuningThe seek tuning sensitivity determinesThe Tuner menu opens.The tuner is searching for stations. As soonTo continue listening to the currentlyAfter a complete search of the frequencyThe previously setScanning all receivable stationsThe CD menu provides functions such as. MIX and REPEAT (see the lower table on theTo select a function and its desired option inThe CD menu opens.You can select an inserted CD as audioThe playback starts. As long as the CD is in the drive, the device stores track and playing time of theAfter calling upThe audio CD displayA Bluetooth status. B Display area for track number and CDFunctions in the CD mode (audio). The functions of the following table can be called directly on the CD display by touching aFunction. Action. SelectingPress the rocker switchFast search. Press and hold theScanningPress again brie?y: Switches scanThe functions of the following table can be called up in the CD menu. For further details. Function. Menu item. Options. Random playbackBluetooth status. Current directory. Display area for the ?le names as wellE Random playback (MIX) or repeat function (RPT). F Playing time. You can switch between the following modesCD-RW or a connected USB data carrier asThe playback starts.

The USB mode can be selected only ifIt also contains information about inserting and removing CDs.The functions of the following table can be called directly on the MP3 display by touching aFunction. Response. SelectingPress the rocker switchSelectingPress the rocker switchFast search. Press and hold theScanningPress again brie?y: SwitchesThe functions of the following table can be called up in the MP3 menu. Random playbackUp and down arrows indicate in whichCurrently playing track. Track. The Browse mode. In the Browse mode, tracks and directoriesThis allows you toSelecting tracks in Browse mode. Browse mode is displayed. It shows all folders and tracks stored on theTo select a track or folder,Fast scrolling is achieved by pressing theThe MP3 menu opens.The browse displayThe ?les are played back in the order inNote. Fast searching is not available in BrowseThe Playlist mode. The device can play playlists that were created with an MP3 manager, such as WinAmpThe playlists mustThe following playlist formats are valid. M3U, PLS, WPL, ASX and RMP. The Playlist display. Selecting tracks in Playlist mode. Playlist mode is displayed. It shows all playlists stored in the root folderTo select a track from a playlist,Fast scrolling is achieved by pressing theThe tracks are played in the order in whichThis order isNote. Fast searching is not available in PlaylistA Playlist. B Up and down arrows indicate in whichC Marked playlistYou can switch between the following modes. NoteBrowse mode. Playlist can be selected asThe playback starts. Note:G Playing timeBluetooth status. Name of current directory. Directory and track numberFunction. Press and hold theScanningPress again brie?y: Switches scan offFor further details. Random playback. Menu itemTo select a function and its desired option inCD-changer mode. You can connect the following CD changersHow to insert CDs in the CD changer magazine is described in the instructions of your. CD changer.

For details about connecting a CD changer and the required settings, please read. Selecting a CDThe selected CD starts playing. The CD changer display. Switching to CD changer mode. To be able to select the CD changer asTo select a connected CD changer as audioIf you select a CD changer as audio sourceThe CD changer display appears. The playback starts. Track number. CD number. Random playback (MIX) or repeat function (RPT). E Playing time or timePress the rocker switchFast search. Press and hold theScanningPress the OK button 2Press again brie?y: Switches scanChange between display of playing time andThe functions of the following table can be called up in the CD changer menu. For further. Random playbackTo select a function and its desired option inThe CD changer menu opens.Bluetooth streaming mode. Devices such as MP3 players can also beThe transfer of audio contents, such as music, via Bluetooth is referred to as BluetoothFor additional information about BluetoothRegistering Bluetooth players. The device can be registered with up to 5. Bluetooth cell phones or other devices suchFor additional information about managing more registered Bluetooth devices, see. To register a Bluetooth player,If necessary, you can enter the PINAfter entering one digit, the device automatically switches to the next one. To correct any entry errors, select the corresponding digit by pressing the rocker switchAfter entering the complete PIN number,Note. Entering the PIN of the device (defaultThe car sound system independently establishes a Bluetooth connection to the. Bluetooth player that was registered last. If no connection.